Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm Still Alive!! :)

Ok... Ok, I'm sorry! I know it has been FOREVER, but I thought I'd give a nice little update of what I've been up to the last couple months!!

Things are going Shwell in Utah... I LOVE my new job! For those of you who don't know I'm working in the CIF department for Zions Bancorporation, and I pretty much just do data entry stuff, but all this time I've been doing upfront stuff, and back office is SO much better! I gotta tell ya! No angry customers... No standing all day, It's Fabulous!! Plus I'm WAY good at it, and my bosses already love me! :)

Me, KC, and Jana... :) My Fun Co-Workers On Halloween!

Also... I've had some pretty fun trips to Vegas the last couple months... I went down to Vegas to send Jillian off on her mission... :( And we had a Murder Mystery party while we were there, and that was pretty fun!

Anna, Holly, Ashley, Rachel, And Me!

Just Me and Rach I like how we're all opposites with the blacks and reds... :)

Then... We went to Red Robin with Jillian, for one of our last night together, and it was WAY fun! The last night I saw her was the Sunday of her Farewell talk, and we spent ALL day together at Tommie Sue's house! She had a luncheon with a lot of her ward, friends, and family, and after it was over we hung out and talked, and Jillian made us some Delicious Lemon Pepper chicken on the George Foreman grill... Until it started getting late, and I couldn't BARE to put off the dreaded moment any longer... So we said our EXTREMELY tearful goodbyes, and gave each other BIG hugs, and went our separate ways, but I did manage to get some good pics of all us girls....

Anna, Demi, Holly, Rachel, Jillian, Me, and Dia at Good Ol' Red Robin!!

Anna, Me, Rachel, Jillian, Holly, and Demitris at Jillian's Luncheon.

Me and my Boo! :) Haha... I already look a bit emotional, and we took this one like HOURS before I was leaving... But then again the thought kept running through my mind... ummm this is my last photo with Jillian for a year and a half! So yeah... Obviously not a good thought to think right before you take a picture!! LOL

The next day I woke up early and went and had breakfast with Laura B!! That was WAY fun... I SO miss all of my Vegas friends! People here in Utah just aren't te same! BUT... It was my choice to come up here, and I have to live with the consequences!! :)

Also... Last weekend Mom and Rach were able to come down from Vegas for my uncle Carl's wedding, so it was WAY nice having them here! We had some fun little get togethers with the family, and just kept it kinda chill...

Anyway... All in all, life is good!! No Complaints here other than Thanksgiving couldn't POSSIBLY come fast Enough!!! Love you and miss you ALL! Can't wait to see you all again!


Rachel said...

YAY! Jana's alive in the blogging world again! We have had some good times lately, haven't we? (Reflective sigh) I'm excited for the next few weeks! TWILIGHT! THANKSGIVING! And then of course later on... Christmas!!!! He he he. Can't wait for all the fun! I love you!

On another note... my word verification for this post is sushiper. Say that ten times fast! Ü

Sar-Bear said...

I didn't know Jillian was going on a mish...that's great! And although our jobs are completely different, I TOTALLY agree with you...back office - in any job - is WAY better. I would shoot myself if I had to work front office at Dr. Hoer's office. Miss you! Call me next time you're home.

kristin said...

Hey Jana, I miss ya in Vegas too :(
You will have to stop in and say HI sometime.

Connie and Rob said...

I love the pictures! Life is such an adventure - no matter where you live! And the holidays are coming! I can't wait to see all of the kids together. Rachel will be there soon to liven up your Utah life!! It's so great that you love your job. That's really important. I think I accidentally applied for a job in your department. It's hard to tell which department some of them are in. But your name is on all of my applications, so they should be able to figure out that it's not possible. Love ya!!

Jana Brown said...

YEah Ma they'll probably notice, but hopefully something will come up soon! :)

Janelle Faulkner said...

I miss you too! However, working for Nevada State Bank, I just sent a request up to CIF today!! Maybe you get to do it for me!! I like that we technically work at the same place just in different state!! YAY, I still miss you here though!

Adam and Kilee said...

Jana!!! ( your bog link is on rachels! ) cute blog!!!