Thursday, June 26, 2008

Continuous slacker! :)

Hey Ya'll! So I've been told SEVERAL times that I'm still NO good at this blogging business, but maybe I just don't like to talk about myself as much as other people do! :) Haha... J K I admit it I'm just a slacker! Anyway... This past week I've been back in VEGAS! So fun... I got to see a bunch of my friends that I've been missing, since friends in Utah are few and far between! :) I also got a FABULOUS sunburn that pretty much put a hault to some of my other plans since being fully clothed is not very appealing when you feel like your flesh is on fire! Anyway... It has still been a good trip over all! I also have been venturing into this on-line dating business since I have so few friends here it has kept my mind off of how LAME I've become! Haha... I've met some pretty interesting characters! I'll tell you what... I was a little nervous at first, but some pretty good ones have come along recently... You know who you are! ;) Anyway... I'll be heading back to Utah on Sunday and then the following week we will be headed for our cabin! YAY!! I'm SO way excited I can't even tell you! Anyway... I'm glad those of you who are reading this haven't completely given up on me!! :) My biggest and most patient fans! Haha... Anyway, I'll keep you posted with all my exciting adventures at the cabin and any other exciting things that may come about! Talk to ya laters! LOVES!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bah ha ha ha ha...

So... As you all have noticed I am absolutely AMAZING at this blogging business! :) Yes, it is true I have now lived in Utah for over a month and have been an amazing SLACKER on keeping everyone updated! So, I guess I owe you all a nice update... As Candice mentioned in my comments I have met some of the MOST amazing Sonic employees you'll ever meet that say things over the the intercom like "Could you repeat that... I wasn't paying attention." Ha ha.. HILARIOUS! Well gee, I was under the impression that you were TAKING MY ORDER!!! Haha... My bad... Whew, anyway... I have also had a new kick on LDSmingle to get to know some fun people here since cool YSA wards are a but slim in this area, and I found myself a guy who LOVES dedicating songs to people he just met... He was EXCITING! :) Hmm... What other joys has Utah brought to my life? Oh yes, snow in May... Who'd have thought!? Well... I know that most of you are SAVORING every word in this blog because you don't expect to get another one for about 5 weeks, but if that is the case... You should be ashamed of yourself! HAHA, J K I'll try to do better... Also I would like to give a shout out to Kneaders ├ęclairs! SO TASTY! Little reminder though... I still haven't received one for my birthday... sniff sniff... Sigh, welp on that note I love and miss all of you kids in H-TOWN! Hope all is well there make sure to keep me posted because I am most definitely out of the loop up here! :)