Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

How lucky and blessed we all are to be part of this AMAZING country! I can't even come close to expressing how grateful I am to be a citizen of this country! I went to the parade in Park City today, and I just LOVE seeing the patriotism of all of the citizens here... It amazes me to see this country where there can be so much crime and disagreement amongst the people, yet we all share a common love and respect for our country! Anyway, I just wanted to express my gratitude for this country, and for those of you that raised me and taught me about PATRIOTISM! God bless America!


Rachel said...

I totally agree! We were really blessed to be raised and taught to be grateful for the amazing freedoms we have and not take them for granted. I ditto: God bless America!

Candice said...

Randall was watching a crapload of stuff about the Revolutionary War on the History channel and it's just so obvious that Heavenly
Father's hand was involved in the outcome. How else would a bunch of rebels defeat the British Army? We needed a country where we could be free to believe whatever we want, and we are so blessed to be born here, and born into the gospel. Oh yeah, and I want you to redo your comment on my post stat.

The Brownlemmons said...

I agree with Candy!! For a bunch of rebels to take on the largest and most advanced army/navy in the world at that time was miraculous. It really leaves you with confidence that no matter what you face you can trust Heavenly Father to be there right by your side helping you out. Love y'all